Party Bus & Limo Pricing

The costs for the rentals are based on the requirements of each client. Call us today so we can help you get a quote for the perfect party buses from our great fleet of vehicle. We don't post a broad list of rates online because there are lots of particulars that go into the closing costs of each rental. We want you experience with us to be problem-free and we want to make sure you get the vehicle ideal for your occasion. When you lock up all the details about your event, please give us a call to talk to one of our rental agents.

If you are wondering what affect the final prices of the rentals, there are many particulars that go into it. We have a variety of sizes of party buses from 18 to 40 passengers so the price will go up with size. Running a party bus does cost money in gas so the length in miles of travel does factor into the costs. Your travel includes where we have to pick your party up at, the destinations we go throughout the night, and where we drop you off at. The day of the week can affect the price where Sunday through Thursday rates are lower than the weekend Friday and Saturday rates. Aside from the day of the week, the time of day is important (day time vs. night time).

Those are the important variables for the rental. Before you give us a call to speak to an agent about booking, please know what type of event you are having, the length in hours of the rental, the areas in which we would need to travel, and when the event is planned. We can provide the connection you need to Pittsburgh Storage Services if you happen to be heading out east. We also have partners as far as transportation is concerned, so keep that in mind when you get in touch with us. Hope to hear from you soon!

Albuquerque Party Bus will create a night to remember with our completely furnished vehicles with incredible sound systems, rotating lights, countertop bars, and gorgeous flat screen TVs, among other amenities. Our party buses maintain the party all night long as we hit place to place.



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