Welcome to Albuquerque Party Bus! We are the area's foremost provider of luxurious chauffeured transportation, and have become so because our company has one priority that we put above all else... Your entire experience. Simply stated, there is nothing more important to us, than ensuring you have a confident, comfortable, and enjoyable time during each and every stage of your journey with us.

If you'd like to dig right in, by all means use the link below to check out our fleet. You'll find nothing but the finest party buses, stretch limousines, and other chauffeured luxury transportation choices suitable for nearly any special occasion. Of course, we've got an entire site here full of helpful information. So, if you'd prefer to learn more about our processes, how we handle pricing, or even where our area of operations might encompass... You're free to peruse the other pages here. At any time, you're more than welcome to reach out to us if you prefer talking to a real-live person. Whatever it takes; we are happy to help!


   Do you have some sort of group gathering coming up that you want to make memorable? Rent a party bus with Albuquerque Party Bus and we'll make sure that your event is enjoyable. Servicing the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area in New Mexico that covers counties such as Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia, Albuquerque Party Bus is the finest choice in party bus needs.

   What sort of an event do you have? A wedding? A bachelorette party? The prom? Whatever the need, we can offer you the ideal party bus for your wishes. Our array of vehicles comes in a variety of sizes with all sort of features that will be sure to meet your needs for your occasion.

   Our drivers will come pick you and take you to each destination safely and trouble-free. Why risk the chance of getting into a mess during the night? Let us get everyone where they want to go without any worry. Call Albuquerque Party Bus now to make your first step to a legendary night!

   Albuquerque Party Bus will create a night to remember with our completely furnished vehicles with incredible sound systems, rotating lights, counter-top bars, and gorgeous flat screen TVs, among other amenities. Our party buses maintain the party all night long as we hit place to place.

   We take pleasure in keeping your gathering safe during your rental, so relax and have fun while you are with Albuquerque Party Bus as we have an incredible time.

   Albuquerque Party Bus will deliver a night to remember! Enjoy completely furnished vehicles with incredible sound systems, colorful lighting, wet bars, gorgeous flat screen TVs, among other amenities. Our party buses keep the fun going all night long as we hit all the hot spots.


Exciting Events That We Provide Transportation For


   We absolutely do not limit our services to any particular type of events. Whether you’re searching for transportation for your business or personal events, we are here for you with the finest vehicles and the top notch service that you’ve come to expect from us. We have a wide array of vehicles, some of which are better for certain types of events than others. For instance, if you’re celebrating your nuptials, you’ll want an elegant party bus fit for the most beautiful of wedding days. If you’re heading out for a night on the town with your friends, you’ll want something impressive and wild! We’ve got both of those and everything in between! Our vehicles also come in different sizes, perfect for smaller and more intimate gatherings or large and even massive events! Let’s talk about some of our most popular events.

   CLUB NIGHTS are an absolute blast when you hire us to provide your transportation! When you want to get out of the house and really party hard with your friends here in our fine city, there’s nothing better than doing so in one of our mind blowing party buses. Our chauffeurs know all the hottest clubs in the area intimately and the buses provide an extra dose of VIP room style, completely private and reserved just for you! Our enticing features are perhaps best highlighted in the context of a night on the town, including our built-in bars, our cozy seating, our HDTVs, and our booming stereo systems! You will love each and every bit of what we have to offer for your nights of bar hopping!

   BACHELOR PARTIES and BACHELORETTE PARTIES are nothing short of amazing when you’re with us! It’s your last night as a bachelor or bachelorette and you want to celebrate in the grandest style with your friends! Whether that means a wild night out or a day at the spa, we want to be the one to take you there. We’ve got a huge array of vehicles for you to choose from, all decked out with different features that you can choose based on your mood and style. Combine it all and do a night of drinks, dancing, and pampering, or even make it an all-day occasion! We’re here for it!

   WEDDINGS are perhaps our most prime event, just an elegant and romantic day that is really made better by the most high class transportation in the world. The party starts from the moment that you board the bus, so even on your way to the wedding venue and then in between when you’re heading to the reception hall, you can spend extra quality time with your wedding party, enjoying the special memories and falling in love all over again with your hubby-to-be or wife-to-be!

   No matter what type of event you’re headed to, we hope that we’ll be the one you choose to take you there. Give us a call tonight and let’s begin the planning process for your trip!

   Before we let you go... We'd like to also introduce you to our friends in Tennessee who are also artists when it comes to providing you with incredible party buses and limousines... They are Party Bus Nashville! If you're going to TN, these guys will take awesome care of you!



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